Motocarma AI supported lifestyle driven car buying

With car choice based on buyer's need & values

Machine learning for broad understanding of cars & focused available inventory

Integrated into online marketing to reveal customer goals for purchase satisfaction

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Car buying trends today

Higher satisfaction
less time at the dealership

Source: Cox Automotive Car Buyer Financing Journey - 2022. Base: Buyers who financed (excludes cash buyers). © 2022 by Cox Automotive, Inc. All reserved.

Source: Cox Automotive Car Buyer Financing Journey — 2022 // 2022 Cox Automotive Digitization of End-to-End Retail. © 2022 by Cox Automotive, Inc. All rights reserved.

of consumer only plan to
look on websites that allow
them to complete desired
vehicle steps online.

Our Technology

Our system can be  integrated into any online car marketing site to give customers and sales representatives a better build and respond to an  understanding of customer goals.

Generative AI



Saved results

Vector Database

Proprietary Data

Personalised analysis
with no props and forms
providing privacy and simplicity

What We Offer

Start with values

Broad exposure to alternatives with facts

Simplifying car comparison

Reliable customer experience

Relationship before , during, and after purchase

Better retention

Do it from home...

Do it at the dealership

Either way more time for fun

Our Team

Jeremy Taunton

Co-Founder & CEO

If Jeremy's decades long experience working in Internet driven car sales, management and marketing has taught him one thing, it is that there is always room to improve the consumer's car buying experience. The future of generative AI and digital retailing is an exciting one and he believes Motocarma is going to be providing a number of innovative solutions that will enable the car buyer to actually enjoy the experience and look back and do it again without the dread and anxiety that still encompasses the process!

Ted Selker

Co-Founder & CTO

Dr. Ted Selker has helped create many successful products and companies. Ted helped run a cars of the future research group at MIT for 10 years. While his interest started by repairing and modifying cars even before he could drive, it has also included creating concept vehicles for Chrysler, the US Postal Service, and working on innovations for several other car companies. His career work in User experience and AI brought him to cofound MotoCarma to help people better consider and also understand the cars they are trying to buy.

Shama Hoque

VP Engineering

Shama Hoque is a software developer, author, and mentor with more than 10 years of experience. After completing her master's in software engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, she went on to work with a diverse range of technologies in various projects and authored books on full-stack development. Currently, she makes software using the newest technology for startups in the USA, while training aspiring software engineers and teaching web development to computer science undergrads in Bangladesh.

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